infrastruktura IT katedry

IT infrastructure


The Department of Telecommunications is situated in two buildings D5 and D6 both are equipped with broadband wireless and conventional internet access.
Wireless network was carefully designed to cover all rooms in department’s buildings. Network is managed by WlanManager enabling its administrators to propagate WLAN networks through access points any way required.
There are three specialized air conditioned, fully UPS secured, standard compliant server rooms available.
In those server rooms over 20 cutting edge technology servers are located. Those servers versatility is used in variety of ways as computation cluster for our stuff, PhD students and regular students. All requirements for education, administration and scientific research are met.
Additional test servers are available for solution prototyping, those computers are available in research staff’s rooms.
We have several specialized labs: networking, radio-networks, multimedia and IT. There are 70 units and specialized equipment.
The department of Telecommunications  is equipped with its own mail system, WWW Server, own DNS systems, and (obviously) our own routers, firewalls, IPS/IDS systems.  The department is managing it own 250 public IP addresses. Our network is IPv6 ready.