Zaproszenie na wykład prof. Vijay K. Bhargava z University of British Columbia

2013-06-10 22:30
Research Issues for Energy Efficient Cellular Networks

Zapraszamy na wykład pt. Research Issues for Energy Efficient Cellular Networks, który wygłosi  prof. Vijay K. Bhargava z University of British Columbia Vancouver, Kanada President, IEEE Communications Society.
Wykład odbedzie się w sali 201 w budynku D-6 Katedry Telekomunikacji w poniedziałek, 17 czerwca o godz. 14.
The rising energy costs and carbon footprint of operating cellular networks have led to a trend in addressing energy-efficiency amongst the network operators and regulatory bodies such as 3GPP and ITU. "Greening" the wireless networks is a vast research discipline that needs to cover all the layers of the protocol stack and various system architectures and it is important to identify the fundamental trade-offs linked with energy efficiency and the overall performance. In this talk, we identify four important aspects of a green networking where we would like to focus: defining green metrics, bringing architectural changes in base stations, network planning, and efficient system design. We begin with a brief discussion on energy efficiency metrics. Since Base Stations (BSs) consume a major chunk of input energy, we discuss the energy efficiency of BSs. Next we discuss energy efficiency from a network planning perspective, based on smaller cells for heterogeneous networks. For system design, we put a special emphasis on cognitive and cooperative techniques in order to realize energy efficient cellular systems. Finally we discuss some broader perspectives and possible future trends in realizing a green cellular network technology.
Vijay Bhargava is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where he served as Department Head during 2003-2008. Previously he was with the University of Victoria (1984-2003) and Concordia University (1976-84). He received his Ph.D. from Queen’s University in 1974. He is a fellow of the IEEE, the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Engineering Institute of Canada

Vijay has served on the Board of Governors of the IEEE Information Theory Society and the IEEE Communications Society. He has held important positions in these societies and has organized conferences such as ISIT’83, ISIT’95, ICC’99 and VTC 2002 Fall. He played a major role in the creation of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, and served as its editor-in-chief during 2007, 2008 and 2009. He is a past President of the IEEE Information Theory Society and is currently serving as the President of the IEEE Communications Society.